Hear the sirens, hear the siren 
Hear the sirens, hear the circus all go found 
I hear the sirens more and more in this here town 
Let me catch my breath to breathe then reach across the bend 
Just to know we’re safe, I am a grateful man 
This light is pit, alive and I can see you clear

I could take your hand  and feel your breath 
For feel that someday this will be over 
I pull you close, so much to lose 
Knowing that, nothing lasts forever 
I didn’t care, before you were here 
A distant laughter, with the everafter 
But all things change, let this remain 

Hear the sirens covering distance in the night 
The sound echoing closer, will they come for me, next time? 
For every choice, mistake I made, is not my plan 
To see you in the arms of another man 
And if you choose to stay, I’ll wait, I’ll understand 

Oh, it’s a fragile thing, this life we lead 
If I think too much, I can’t 
get over 
When by the grace by which we live our lives
with death over our 
Want you to know, that should I go,
I always loved you, held you high above 
I studied your face, the fear goes away

(2013, Mike McCready - Eddie Vedder)

Lightning Bolt
Released: October 15, 2013

1. Getaway
2. Mind Your Manners
3. My Father’s Son
4. Sirens
5. Lightning Bolt
6. Infallible
7. Pendulum
8. Swallowed Whole
9. Let The Records Play
10. Sleeping By Myself
11. Yellow Moon
12. Future Days


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